[FR/EN/ FULA] There is no law in Germany – Testimony on violence in the AEO Bamberg

Oumar B. was attacked on 27 September 2017 at the AEO Bamberg by a group of private security guards. The Senegalese asylum seeker was at the time living in this large reception and deportation camp located in the state of Upper Franconia, Bavaria, Germany. B’s teeth were badly damaged in the attack and he suffered other serious injuries. On the same day he fled to Holland. To escape a Dublin deportation to Germany some months later he left to Paris where he gave this interview in early February 2018.

Oumar B. is just one of the victims of the numerous violent attacks by guards at AEO Bamberg camp against asylum seekers since the summer of 2017, most of which have not yet been investigated. According to Oumar B., other (former) inhabitants as well as guards at the AEO, the violence as been systematic since the summer of 2017.

B’s attackers have since the fall of 2017 been under criminal investigation related to another attack against two Senegalese refugees, which took place on the same day. The Bamberg state prosecutor announced however in March 2018 to the press that the evidence against these ex-employees was not convincing. It thus chose to dismiss the victims’ testimonies and those of the ex-guards who reported the incident to the police.

It is unknown whether there has been any criminal investigation against the guards in B’s case. After B’s departure, the boss of the security company at the AEO Bamberg told the employees that he, known among the guards as the „Holländer“, had died in Holland after a drug overdosis.

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